Sacred Valey

Stepping back in time, visiting the finest archeological sites, picturesque villages and colorful markets.

Sacred Valey Bridge


Peru SalinasMoray is an impressive place: four natural indentations in the landscape were used by the Incas to create terraces that served as a botanical laboratory thanks to their different microclimates. We take the time to pay a detailed visit. Around lunchtime, we serve a fine gourmet picnic. Take your seat in the front row of magnificent Mother Nature, and drink in the sight of the glacial mountains before we continue on to Maras.
The “white gold” of Maras is a complex of hundreds of small basins laid out on terraces, where the highly saline water is collected from a nearby spring. The mines located here have been used for salt extraction since the time of the Incas. The multicolored reflections of the sun’s rays on the countless pools of water are an unforgettable image for each and every visitor. From here, we hike downhill into the valley, where our driver is waiting for us.
Meals: picnic lunch


exursion-ollantaytamboWe begin the day in the Incan town of Ollantaytambo in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Visit Ollantaytambo’s magnificent archeological site with its impressive astronomical observatory, irrigation waterways and ceremonial site. You’ll learn about the Llama constellation and explore the quaint town that was built in the shape of a corncob.
A culinary highlight, a must for gourmands, and a real once-in-a-lifetime experience that cannot be missed is lunch by the Incan terraces or Moray at Restaurante MIL by Chef Virilio Martinez.“We as chefs don’t see Peru as a dining destination, we see it as a place where you can feel food, culture and people sharing and being happy”.
Meals: lunch


chincheros´A small village in the Sacred Valley between Cusco and Urubamba located at 3,800m, Chincheros boasts stunning views of the nearby Urubamba mountain range.
The Chinchero market on Sunday is typically the largest and best traditional market, where you will see both locals  and tourists side by side. As you stroll through the market, which is surrounded by old Incan walls, you will encounter a wide range of handicrafts, especially weavings. A 17th-century adobe church, built on Incan foundations, juts above the wall. Visitors can explore the church on market days.
Meals: picnic lunch


Drive to  Pisac’s spectacular archaeological site, home to the region’s most extensive agricultural terraces, whose concave and convex shapes were adapted to the mountains. The central temple complex and ceremonial square are internationally recognized as the finest stone work, comparable to Machu Picchu. Inti Huatana, of the Temple of the Sun, is still a living place rich in ancient rites and traditions as well as enchanting beauty.  Breathtaking panoramic views are especially beautiful here, including the agricultural terraces.
Culinary highlight: lunch at Gourmet Restaurante “Cuchara de Palo”, praised as one of the top restaurants in the area. Cuchara de Palo celebrates the wealth of Peruvian cuisine, and is dedicated to organic, locally sourced and fresh ingredients, featuring clean flavors inspired by the beautiful array of native Andean produce.
Meals: lunch or dinner

PISAC MARKET / 2-3 hours

Explore Pisac’s colorful traditional Indian market, and take in the traditional food section where locals buy and trade their produce as you admire the beautiful faces and calm excitement that characterize Pisac. A wonderful opportunity to buy woven goods, sweaters and jewelry.
Culinary highlight: lunch at Gourmet Restaurante “Cuchara de Palo”, praised as one of the top restaurants in the area. Cuchara de Palo celebrates the wealth of Peruvian cuisine, and is dedicated to organic, locally sourced and fresh ingredients, featuring clean flavors inspired by the beautiful array of native Andean produce.
Meals: lunch or dinner


Machu Picchufrom/to Sacred Valle by HIRAM BINGHAM LUXURY TRAIN, SACRED VALLEY TRAIN, FIRSTCLASS TRAIN or VISTADOME ** Please note that we have to plan your Machu Picchu trip in advance ** Today you visit magnificent Machu Picchu, renown as a wonder of the world. Isolated among the mountain peaks, this awe-inspiring site carries sacred mathematical and scientific wisdom which is yet to be fully discovered. Explore important astronomical sites and revel in the beauty of the natural setting and ancient ruins. Your English-speaking private guide welcomes you to Aguas Calientes. Their comprehensive local knowledge rounds off a special day.
Meals: lunch, dinner


ComunidadA scenic drive into the majestic highlands. You pass fields of potatoes, ava beans and corn as a short hike (10 minutes) brings you to a traditional highland community at an altitude of almost 4,000m. The healthy village community of the Quechua has a strong connection with Mother Earth, which to this day cultivates the authentic way of life in the Andes. You participate in a communal workday, enjoying a beautiful cultural exchange as you experience this incredible opportunity to step back in time. Discover the elegant simplicity and warmth of your hosts. Enjoy a traditional lunch prepared with fresh local ingredients. An exciting cultural exchange that will deepen your appreciation of Quechua, its history and its society.
Experience spinning and weaving demonstrations from masters. This is the best opportunity to buy magnificent woven products directly from weavers.
Meals: lunch


Honoring the wisdom of traditions.
The Kusi Kawsay Andean School is a member of the  UNESCO Associated Schools network and is a self-governed, non-profit school rooted in Andean tradition. It empowers economically challenged children from Pisac in the Sacred Valley region to become confident, free young adults and leaders of the future whose aim is to make the world a better place. An exceptional social project.
A member of  the founding families will warmly welcome you. After learning about the unique vision of Kusi Kawsay, which combines Waldorf pedagogy with Andean tradition, you’ll delight in the beautiful school grounds, dedicated teachers and happy children.


Festive traditional music and dance with Wiñay Taki Ayllu, a local group of musicians, artists and visionaries who are passionately dedicated to the continued existence of Andean traditions and culture. You’ll also meet some of the students taking part in this remarkable presentation, which follows the Andean agrarian ritual calendar,  at Kusi Kawsay school.
Enjoy this evening full of music, dance, in-depth explanations and the sharing of stories, and connect to the natural cosmic cycles of the Andes.
Meal: dinner


On the way to or from Cusco, stop for a short visit at Awanacancha, a breeding ranch where you’ll have the chance to meet South American camelids such as  llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos. You’ll also get to feed these iconic animals as you learn about the valuable textiles created from their coats.

CERAMICS by Pablo Seminario / 1-2 hours

Let us open the doors for you so you can step into this oasis of tranquility. An architect by trade, Pablo had always been interested in the different Peruvian cultures, focusing particularly on the pre-Colombian style and on preserving this ancient art and giving it a place in today’s modern world.
Pablo’s work has been shown at the Chicago Field Museum and  the Smithsonian Institute as well as at the United Nations headquarters in New York as part of a Peruvian art exhibition. The perfect place to buy high-quality ceramics (all pieces are made with local Sacred Valley red clay)

PRIVATE DINNER – family celebration / 2-3 hours

Be our guest – your hosts invite you to participate in a truly unique experience. At a private dinner, your hosts (leading experts in Andean culture) passionately share their life vision: the recuperation and revaluation of this culture. Their focus is to remind the world that traditional belief systems are valid and that Andean cosmology and practices are a valuable part of universal wealth.
Meals: dinner.

UNUCHA SPA / 1-2 hours

Unucha SpaA hidden gem in the Sacred Valley. Offering unique water treatments and massage therapy in an exclusive, private and enchanting ambience. All of the products are 100% organic, the majority of which are gathered and collected from their wild habitat. A myriad of medicinal plants used since ancient times, the presence of purification baths in all the sacred Inca sites, and the abundance of natural hot springs in the Andes, are the ancestral legacy of a pre-Columbian healing tradition. Unucha Spa continues this ancestral healing knowledge, offering you the following treatments.
Choose from different treatments or or enjoy a combination
Herbal Baths
Full Body Massage
Wood Heated and Rock Sauna
Outdoor Jacuzzi