About us

The founders of C&C’s Fine Travel and More, Barbara Hemmer de Vizcarra from Germany and her husband, Jorge Vizcarra, a Peruvian native, established their first agency INKAREISEN for German guests in 2001.

From the very beginning, they were dedicated to authentic travel experiences, local cultures, social interaction, sharing a native’s perspective and the very deep respect for the country and its people.

In 2017, their children joined the new brand C&C’s Fine Travel and More, creating a new unique travel experience in the Southern Andes area of Peru.

Barbara is the voice of C&C’s. She was born in Germany, and lives in Peru for several months of the year. She designs vivid travelitineraries, sharing her knowledge and creativity with her clients to empower them to embrace an ultimate travel experience.
Aiming to inspire and enrich your unforgettable journey to this wonderful, welcoming and heartwarming country. Focusing on unique excursions, culinary experiences and heart to heart encounters, developing an authentic relationship with the people, their country and their land aculture.

With a strong interest in Peruvian culture, traditions and gastronomy, they all enjoy sharing their invaluable knowledge to make each guest’s journey unforgettable by appreciating the more profound things in life.

Peru is our home, we are deeply connected to the country, the culture and its people.