Handmade Flair

Your tailor-made journey
Travel privately to enjoy your perfect, personalized trip to Peru.

We design your private tour as a tapestry – exclusive, authentic and as luxurious as you want.

hand made flaitr

Cultural events, stunning ancient archeological sites, majestic landscapes – carefully immerse yourself in the depth of Peruvian cultural wisdom.
Deepen your spiritual practice in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and experience this rare opportunity. The insider experience and your private guides.

For over 18 years, we have been nurturing wonderful contacts with locals and experts. We have cultivated deep friendships, we are comprades, y comadres…. With us, you’ll get the insider experience, as you connect sensitively with the land, its people and their customs. We are proud that some are exclusively with C&C’s.
All of our guides and experts are local and indigenous. They are exceptional people that share a vision and life based on Andean reciprocity. They honor their ancestral heritage. Guests get a deep insight to the culture, the traditions, rituals and meaning of Andean life.

Talk to one of our travel experts and let us customize your journey. Contact us for more ideas to inspire your travel.